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NEW Self-Study video course with downloadable PDF workbook.  This course is the same as the original End the Arguing course but you will have access to nine videos that introduce each lesson. The videos will explain the goal of each lesson.


I developed this course to help struggling couples finally understand exactly what is causing the communication to breakdown in their relationship.  I designed the course to identify the core issue that lies beneath the challenges in your relationship and provide you with practical and practice-able tools and strategies to help you overcome those challenges. Using focused and targeted exercises you’ll not only uncover the root issue that is causing the problem, you’ll actually begin to address that root issue so it stops wreaking havoc in your relationship.  

My goal is for you and your spouse to not only address the root issues that are causing you so much trouble, but I want you to feel emotionally close and connected again. 


There are nine lessons and 87 pages in this course.  You will receive a link to download your course in the Thank You page of the Checkout.  You will also be emailed a link that will last for 30 days. In order to access the videos, download the PDF and look for the instructions on the first page.

End the Arguing VIDEO course with workbook

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