Relationship Health Quiz

How's the Emotional Health of Your Relationship?

The number one thing that couples get frustrated about is the inability to resolve the "hot topics" ~ those issues that create the most turmoil, have never been resolved and are extremely tough to communicate through (e.g. sex, money, etc).  What I've noticed is that unresolved emotional pain from the past is normally the culprit.  


I created the Relationship Health Quiz to help couples identify if unresolved emotional pain from the past is wreaking havoc on their relationship.  If you're interested in taking the quiz, simply click "start" below.  There is some helpful information at the end of the quiz, so make sure you follow it to the end. 

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Thanks again for all you’ve done as I know that I have taken away many pointers and concepts that have made me more self-reflective, a better problem solver and helped me understand not only my partner but myself. You’ve been wonderful!

— BL

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